Privacy Policy

IFocus Canada, a division of the cooperative of independent opticians and optometrists REGARD ACTION, is committed to ensuring the protection of the personal information you entrust to it.

Information sent by email or form

The sole purpose of communicating your personal information, by email or form, is to inform IFocus Canada of your wish to request its services or join them. Your information is transmitted directly to it and will be subject to its own confidentiality policy. This will allow them to communicate with you and follow up on your requests. Electronic correspondence is treated with the same confidentiality measures as other written documents.

For applications, we collect:


Using this information, we will be able to communicate with you. This information will be stored digitally and will follow IFocus Canada’s internal privacy policy for personal information.


For more information about this policy

If you have any questions regarding this policy, we invite you to contact us using any of the communication methods presented in the section about IFocus Canada.

You can also contact the person responsible for the application of the Personal Information Protection Act in Quebec, who is also responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy and the procedures involved.

To express your comments or a complaint regarding non-compliance with this policy, you can contact:

Nicolas Tountas,
Managing Director of IFocus Canada
43 rue St-Eugène, local 201
Varennes, Québec, J3X 1E3
Phone : 450-985-2010