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Enjoy the strength of a group.

We believe that cooperating allows us to make a difference in our field.
Being a member of iFocus Canada means caring about everyone’s benefits and group interest while sharing our resources and working together.

We offer

Frame exchange program
Annual Congress and Salon Vision-R
Excess redistributed to members in the form of rebates
Online forum and classified ads for our members


Investments of nearly $3,000,000 by our members in RRSPs-CIPs, allowing a tax deduction of approximately $3,750,000 (125%) in 10 years. This means that our members have recovered close to $2,000,000 in tax return.

Over $2,500,000 returned to members in volume discounts and rebates over the past 5 years.

Sense of belonging to a group and unequaled democratic power in the industry.